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For Solidarity Socials

Regular Zoom Meet-Ups Online

Join us for one of our regular For Solidarity Socials on zoom. They usually take place 6-7.30pm on a weekday evening.

These meet-ups are for organisations, projects, initiatives and individuals in the region who are offering support, mutual aid, and an alternative to the extractive and oppressive mainstream economic system.

Come along to find out more about the current work being developed by The NewBridge Project, the Solidarity Economy Association and the wider For Solidarity Network in the North East region – from our digital map of organisations that offer assistance, to The Lockdown Gazette developed since March, and much more.

These events are also a great opportunity to introduce the initiative you work for, and meet other grassroots organisations working in the region. You don’t have to be part of an organisation to attend this event, it’s a great networking opportunity for all.

If you’d like to attend, please email h.kirkham@thenewbridgeproject.com and we will send you the details of the next few meetings, and instructions to join the zoom call.


This event is accessed remotely online.