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Tim Shaw – Sound Walk

Mon 28th November 2016


Incorporating performance, walking and field recording, Tim Shaw offered a sound responsive journey through Newcastle, immersing the audience in a familiar yet abstracted environment.

During the 50-minute guided walk through a specially chosen area of the city, up to 10 participants – each wearing wireless radio headphones – received an audio feed of live recordings, locational radio broadcasts and electromagnetic energy from their immediate environment. Sounds were processed, layered and re-introduced live by the artist directly into the participants’ headphones as the walk continued. Using a selection of listening technologies and a variety of different microphones a diverse range of sonic material was collected, processed and broadcast. A live improvisation with the immediate soundscape that plays with memory, intuition and impulse – unique each time it is performed.

The performance was an addition to Shaw’s work exhibited in Polyspace at Newbridge Project Space December 2016.