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anti capitalist fashion week
Discussion / Talk

What Does Sustainable Fashion Really Look Like?

Tuesday 20 September 6pm - 8pm Online

As part of the Anti-Capitalist Fashion Week, we ask how can we inspire education, action and mobilisation at a community level?

Tuesday 20 September

6pm – 8pm


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Join The NewBridge Project, host shado and The Reading Rooms partner organisations for a webinar with creatives from grassroots organisations across five cities in the UK to discuss how we can create action around sustainable fashion. From education, unlearning and building new modes of working, we will be covering topics related to:

  • How to introduce the importance of sustainable fashion to new audiences
  • Building movements for fair fashion and garment workers’ rights
  • What change looks like at a community level
  • Empowering workers and the role of unions in creating change
  • What role art can have in communicating issues surrounding sustainable fashion
  • Supply chains and the importance of demanding transparency
  • How we can connect the issue of decolonisation and anti-capitalism with fashion
  • Why sustainable fashion impacts everyone

This event is part of Pluto Press’ anti-capitalist fashion week which celebrates the release of Tansy E. Hoskins’ text: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion.

This panel discussion is one in a series of events across the UK to uncover the roots of extractivism in the fashion industry and to celebrate the organisations shaping alternatives and building a different future.

Tansy’s extensive research took her from the clothing warehouses in Solihull all the way to Bangladesh, India and North Macedonia, shining a light on the exclusive and alluring world of fashion to expose class division, gender stereotyping and wasteful consumption.

Discussion / Talk

This event is accessed remotely online.