The NewBridge Project Gallery is closed throughout March. NewBridge Books will be open as usual.


Workforce Events Programme

15 March 2019 - 26 April 2019

A free series of events at The NewBridge Project: Gateshead as part of the Workforce exhibition.
All are welcome

The events are held in the exhibition’s research space that offers learning resources, a work space, and creative tools. Through these events the space becomes a forum – inviting the audience to take part, give feedback and create a dialogue within the exhibition. Workforce is the first part in a series looking at labour. The data collected from this exhibition will be used in further research about labour issues.


Friday 22
Performance by Samuel Barry and Siân Hutchings 5—6pm
On the fence (Iteration 2) Samuel Berry and Sian Hutching will wash and clean rocks collected from the River Tyne and to apply the residue liquid onto the front face of a Grange Round top Picket fence (W)1.8m (H) 1m as a form of maintenance.

Tuesday 26
Social Practice Forum 6—8pm
NewBridge’s ongoing meet-ups to share approaches to art projects that involve working with people. At this session artists will demonstrate techniques for working with people and we’ll do an exercise to feed the North East’s social practice scene into the Social Art Assembly at Tate Exchange in April.

Sara Qued, currently contributing to our Socially Awkward project will share her “Akml” story and NewBridge’s own Dan Russell will introduce an exercise about the values we live by and frames we view the world through.

Thursday 28
Reading Group 6:30pm—8pm
A discussion group with editor Anthony Morgan about the Workforce exhibition publication with contributor Anthony Lloyd. It’s not necessary to have read the publication beforehand; just show up, listen to a reading and enjoy the discussion.

Friday 29
Performance by Samuel Barry and Siân Hutchings 5pm—7pm

On the fence (Iteration 3) Samuel Barry and Sian Hutchings will sand and cast gesso into new Picket fence slats for the back face of a Grange Round top Picket fence (W)1.8m (H) 1m as a form of art.

Wednesday 3
Afternoon Tea 12noon—3pm
A casual afternoon with some good banter on art, The NewBridge project, work and the exhibition. Free tea, coffee and biscuits!

Thursday 4
Workshop with Toby Lloyd 12noon—5pm (drop in)

Between Eating and Sleeping is an ongoing project that aims to question public attitudes towards work (paid & unpaid), the value of free-time and if Universal Basic Income could enable us to become more active citizens. Lloyd will run a discussion-based workshop that will explore the themes of the project and poses several questions to the group including:

–        What do we mean when we say ‘work’?
–        How are our identities and status in society constructed?
–        Would Universal Basic Income make everyone lazy?

More information about the project can be found here.

Friday 5
Pin Badge Making with Lucas Ferguson-Sharp 12noon —4pm (drop in)
An afternoon making pin badges inspired from retro badges from past worker and social movements. Come make your own badges with your own slogans and imagery, materials provided.

Friday 12
Performance by Samuel Barry and Siân Hutchings 5pm—6pm
On the fence (Iteration 4) A performative action by Samuel Barry and Sian Hutchings in which a Grange Round top Picket fence (W)1.8m (H) 1m is lifted and rotated 180º using a black cloth (L) 3m.

Film Screening of Quality Control (TBC) 6:30-8pm
A screening of Quality Control directed by Kevin Jerome Everson. A 16mm film of workers at a dry cleaner in Alabama. The film exhibits the acts as well as the conditions around labour.

Wednesday 24
POSTPONED! Curator Talk with Lucy Lopez 6pm—8pm
Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone the talk by Lucy Lopez. Sorry about that.
Lucy Lopez, Grand Union’s Curator-in-Residence has co-curated Ways of Learning, currently on display at Baltic 39. In this discussion she will be giving an overview of her practice, her current research and other projects exploring similar themes.

We are also hoping to arrange a guided tour of Ways of Learning prior to the evening’s event – watch this space.

Friday 26
Closing Day 12noon—6pm

Performance by Samuel Barry and Siân Hutchings On the fence (Iteration 5) the removal and reconstruction of the slats from a Grange Round top Picket fence (W)1.8m (H) 1m in which the front and back face produce a synergy between the forms of maintenance and forms of art.