NewBridge Studios is currently situated in Carliol House, a grade 2 listed building in Newcastle city centre, originally the headquarters and offices of the North Eastern Electricity Supply Company, built in 1924-8.

NewBridge Studios promotes exchange and support in an engaged and discursive community of over 80 artists. The shared workspace is a critical and collaborative environment that allows artists to discuss and develop new ideas and projects.

NewBridge Studios operates over 1400m2 and is equipped with studio space, co-work space, production and workshop facilities and exhibition space.

NewBridge Studios offers space to artists at any stage of their career, working primarily within the field of visual art, with a desire to be part of a diverse and critically engaged community of creative practitioners.

NewBridge Studios continues to develop in response to the needs and interests of its members providing valuable resources and support to encourage an experimental and critical approach to contemporary art practice.

NewBridge Studio Members will benefit from:

  • A new support network from which to cultivate further opportunities and develop work. We 
are committed to NewBridge Studios remaining a discursive and productive working 
  • The opportunity to be a part of an exciting and vibrant community of visual artists
  • Affordable 24hour access studio space in the city centre
  • The opportunity to help shape NewBridge’s programme and future direction through our artist committees and steering groups
  • Access to our pioneering artist development programme, Practice makes Practice, offering opportunities, training and mentoring
  • A range of facilities at The NewBridge Project including bookable project space, production and making space, co-work & meeting space, social space and a darkroom

Being a member of The NewBridge Project is much more than just having access to space, it is also about being part of a vibrant community of artists.

We offer different types of membership to accommodate for a variety of practices, including:

  • Studio Membership
    We offer individual, shared and open plan studios in a range of sizes from X-large to small, prices range from £60 – £150 per month
  • Hot-desk membership
    We offer use of our co-work space for £25 per month
  • Associate Membership
    We offer access to our artist development programme, Practice makes Practice and access to bookable making and exhibition space, from £30-£60 per year

Because of the artist-led nature of The NewBridge Project, we particularly ask new members to consider their reasons for wanting to join NewBridge and how it will benefit their artistic practice.

Some of the most important things we look for in studio members as identified by the members themselves are:

  1. Importance of studio to artistic practice
  2. Time in studio
  3. Quality of practice
  4. Willingness to take part in community activities
  5. Willingness to take active role in shaping activities that happen within the space

If you require studio or hot-desking space and would like to become a member of The NewBridge Project, please complete our online application form providing us with details on the type of space you require, your practice and your motivations for joining NewBridge.


Once we receive your application we will then add you to our waiting list and contact you when a studio becomes available.

Studios will be awarded on quality of work and willingness to be involved with the community at NewBridge Studio. We support early-career, mid-career and established artists; submissions are judged with impartiality and without prejudice.

If you do not need a studio space but would still like to be a member of NewBridge please apply using our associate membership form here.

For any enquiries about studio space and membership please contact our Studio Coordinator, Clare Gomez on

The Newbridge Project