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A pile of previous editions of Art Licks magazines in a fan shape. The colours of the magazines are white, gold, black and pink, and the top magazine reads 'Interdependence'

Announcing – Art Licks Residency

Posted: 7 Jan 2020

For 2020, Art Licks are carrying out a new project for its printed magazine: producing three issues from different cities across the country, starting with Newcastle. This trilogy of Art Licks magazine aims to explore the varying practices and artist communities across the country: their entrepreneurial methods of collaboration, structures of support, adventurous programming and tactics for sustainability. Based from Newcastle, Birmingham, and Bristol; with host partners The NewBridge Project, Recent Activity, and east bristol contemporary.

To begin the project, Art Licks’ Director Holly Willats will be in residence at The NewBridge Project for three weeks to research potential content for the magazine in partnership with the NewBridge team. Rebecca Huggan, director of The NewBridge Project, will also guest co-edit the magazine. The magazine’s focus and content will be framed by conversations sparked during this research period.

On Thursday 22 January, 6-8pm, Holly Willats will introduce Art Licks’ work to date and the aims of the Art Licks Trilogy. This is an opportunity to hear more on how you can get involved, and share ideas for the Newcastle issue of the magazine. What do you think the magazine should say? What is important to you, and what do you want to share with its readers? More information about the event here.

With thanks to the project funder, Arts Council England.

About Art Licks: Launched in 2010, Art Licks is a London-based organisation that supports the work of early career practitioners and artist-led activity countrywide, championing new ways of working together. Art Licks runs a printed magazine, commissioning programme, and annual festival (the Art Licks Weekend). Dealing with languages of care and support, Art Licks considers different situations for collaboration that are focused on process: on the making and doing.