CALL OUT: Community Vlog

CALL OUT: Vlog #1
NewBridge on lockdown: day in the life

NewBridge Members Opportunity
Deadline: Tuesday 12th May, 5pm

Whilst people around the world are sheltering in place to prevent the rise of Covid-19, our days look very different. To provide a window into how artists are working in these new circumstances, we’re putting together a collectively authored vlog, led by NewBridge Programme Committee member Calum Bayne.

A vlog is a video blog that typically follows the daily routine of a person and is uploaded as a form of web-television to youtube. It is characteristic of a vlog to include mundane parts of daily life, such as making coffee, preparing a snack, walking the dog and even watching other videos. Vlogs tend to be held together by an over-arching stream of consciousness style narration of the uploader’s personal experience.

Whilst we are on lockdown, many of our daily routines have been profoundly changed. We would like to invite you, if you feel up to it, to send us video documentation of what you have been up to in this time. We will then piece together the video footage we receive to create a community vlog. This will be a shared document of the NewBridge community’s experience of the lockdown thus far and hopefully will provide some enjoyment and relief to us all. The vlog is a way to catch up with the people you haven’t seen in a while.

We are looking for video footage of anything, of any length, that you have found yourself filming or would like to film. Some examples could be:

  • your morning routine
  • walks in the park
  • zoom chats with friends
  • watching films
  • how you are making work at home
  • cooking 
  • beauty routines
  • commute to work
  • talking about your day
  • whatever you have found yourself doing in this time.

Everyone will be included as we want to give a holistic view of the community’s experience at this time. This is intended to be light-hearted, hopefully a tool to feel together at this time and also a document we can use to reflect when the lock down is over.

Existing footage is welcomed, maybe something from your instagram story or your camera roll. If you are filming new footage, keep in mind that narration is key so let us know what you are doing and thinking if you feel comfortable. We will credit the footage of each person, unless instructed otherwise.

Submit your footage for the first episode by 5pm on Tuesday 12th May to we would be happy to answer any questions via email too. Depending on interest in the project, we will be looking to make this a rolling deadline.

Each episode of the vlog will be funded by our usual Practice Makes Practice event budget of £200, which will be split equally between everyone who contributes footage for the episode. For example, if ten members contribute, each will receive £20. This will mean the fee is not finalised until the full line-up is confirmed. Every video submitted will be included, but please note that footage may be cut down to fit in with the overall vlog.


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Image courtesy of Calum Bayne

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