Earlier this year NewBridge hosted an exhibition and event series by gobscure.

gobscure exists outside the narrative as a result of being untrained.

Who are the other self-taught, untrained artists in the NewBridge orbit?

Do you have a wild mind?

gobscure would like to invite you to sit down and talk about this, via virtual channels.

An audio piece will be created as a result, as part of NewBridge’s Digital Commission series in the coming months.

Please contact Dan Russell on to express your interest in taking part.

The NewBridge Project will be launching our new website very soon, which has been developed with assistance from Supanaught, Keano Anton and RTC North. Earlier this year we commissioned a series of digital commissions to celebrate this launch. As well as the audio piece by gobscure mentioned above, we will also be hosting commissions by Lady Kitt, Imo Jeffes, Uma Breakdown, Rosie O’Grady & Rebecca Jackson.

The Newbridge Project