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Charrette Week at NewBridge

Posted: 1 Oct 2015


How can temporary urban space become permanent?
Can the temporary be a form of resistance?
How do we resist and retaliate seemingly unwanted change?

These are some of the questions 45 students from the School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape at Newcastle University will be asking at NewBridge Studios over Charrette Week.

We’ve invited students to become Shadow Studio Members and Working Residents for the week, they will be observing the inner workings of NewBridge and our artists’ diverse processes of working and making in an ethnographic manner to understand our artistic eco-system.

They will consider NewBridge’s working practices – how we interact, learn, work, collaborate within the organisation and with each other, coupled with the specific economic and political context in which the organisation came about and exists within, the Shadow Studio Member is invited to project ideas and possibilities about the future of our site at east Pilgrim Street and our organisation, which is currently being debated. These new ‘visions’ of our organisation and of the future will help NewBridge to open up a new space of critique for our working practices.

Charrette Week starts the academic year in the School of Architecture, bringing together a host of architects, artists, engineers, designers and thinkers to run a series of week-long workshops around a variety of themed projects. Students from every year of our taught design courses, at both undergraduate and master level, join together into eleven studios to produce a series of creative responses.