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OPEN CALL – The Collective Studio 2020-21

Posted: 24 July 2020

Apply now to be part of The Collective Studio 2020-2021. The Collective Studio is a development programme for early-career artists and/or recent graduate artists and creative practitioners, and is run by The NewBridge Project in partnership with Newcastle University & its Institute for Creative Arts Practice.

PROGRAMME DATES: Mid October 2020 – August 2021 / DEADLINE: Thursday 27 August, 12 noon

About The Collective Studio

The Collective Studio is a development programme for early-career artists and/or recent graduate artists and creative practitioners.

Are you working out what you want to do next? Do you know what you want to do and need support and guidance? The Collective Studio provides spaces to test out ideas and experiment within a supportive and critically engaged community at The NewBridge Project.

The Collective Studio provides affordable studios and workspace, and a programme of training, events, mentoring, socials and opportunities to exhibit work, which will suit a diverse range of practices and are tailored around the cohort.

The Collective Studio has a very broad definition of art and artistic practice. Perhaps you’ve just left university or finished a masters? Perhaps you haven’t been to university, but are searching for like minds? Maybe you are returning to a creative endeavour after life got in the way for a while?

The Collective Studio has a flexible approach and evolves year on year. The structure and content of the programme is shaped by and for its members with support from The NewBridge Project’s Artist Development Programmer and other staff. It is set against the rich backdrop 
of our evolving public programme, which explores big topics like climate change and methods for collective solidarity that can help us imagine and live new futures.

It is run by The NewBridge Project in partnership with Newcastle University & its Institute for Creative Arts Practice.


How does it work and who is it for?

How does it work?

The Collective Studio operates through a membership model providing different types of space membership including:

  • individual studios (£65 per month)
  • shared studios for up to 3 (£45 per month)
  • co-working & hot desking (£20 per month)
  • associate membership for non-regional practitioners (£60 per year to suit the different requirements of creative practice).

Through this membership you also have access to a broader range of events and development opportunities through NewBridge’s wider artistic programme and Practice Makes Practice (our wider member-led development programme).

Along with studio and workspace, Collective Studio members will gain access to a regular and flexible curriculum of support, including events, socials and mentoring. The structure will be shaped around three 2-day workshops in October, January and April, monthly events with invited guest practitioners and regular socials and peer-led activity.

A project budget will be available for Collective Studio members to collectively produce a project or support their development in another way, in response to the groups needs and interests.

The Collective Studio will be based at The NewBridge Project: Gateshead. (Please note that during the course of the programme, NewBridge may relocate to a new building, which may result in a small increase in cost of around £10 per month depending on membership type)

Who is it for?

The NewBridge Project is looking for early-career practitioners and creative graduates to be part of The Collective Studio cohort from mid-October 2020 to the end of August 2021.

The Collective Studio is open to all creative disciplines including (but not limited to):

  • visual artists, curators, filmmakers, photographers, performers, writers, architects, sound artists, designers, creative producers/organisers, musicians, activists, ceramicists, sculptors, conceptual artists, socially engaged practitioners, poets, directors, actors, researchers
 – get in touch if you aren’t sure!
  • Those who have graduated from any university/art school/college in the last 3 years from an arts-based or related, creative course (BA and Master level welcome).
 Those who have completed an alternative or non-formal education programme in the last 3 years.
  • Those who have not undertaken a formal education course but can demonstrate a developing creative practice.

The Collective Studio 2020-21 is not open to those who have previously completed a graduate / Collective Studio programme at The NewBridge Project, or for people currently enrolled in higher education.

Making an application

We have a number of different ways to apply for The Collective Studio

  • Through a single PDF document containing the information below
  • Through a video or sound file containing the information below
  • Or if there is another way you wish to apply then get in touch and let us know

Please send one PDF document containing 
the following to with ‘YOUR NAME_The Collective Studio Application’ in the subject line:

  1. Statement (max. half page of A4 / 2-3 minutes via video or audio). This is the most important part of the application, and the following prompts will help you to complete your statement:
    • Put your name at the top of your statement
    • Why 
would like to be part of The Collective Studio 2020-21 at The NewBridge Project and what you hope to get out of it?
    • How will it benefit your creative practice or professional development?
    • How do you want to contribute to the programme? / Do you have any suggestions for activities or people you’d like to see as part of the programme (this isn’t compulsory!)?
  1. Bio/Artist Statement (max. half page of A4 / 2-3 minutes video or audio), including information about your creative practice and why you do what you do. Don’t worry if you aren’t happy with this. That’s a common feeling and we will be developing this as part of the programme!
  2. Brief CV (max. 1 page A4 / 2-3 minutes video or audio) focussing on your practice
 and any relevant experience (incl. up to date address, contact phone number and email address (non-university). Please note that applications won’t be assessed based on your CV.
  3. If you have been to university, please state which subject course you have completed, 
the year of graduation and what institution you attended, or provide equivalent information. We welcome applications from people who haven’t undertaken a formal degree course, so this isn’t mandatory.
  1. Web links or images of recent work (up to 6 items). This is to give us an indication of your work, its subject matter and medium – which will help us to plan the programme.
  1. Please include what type of space membership you would like to apply for (individual, shared, hot-desk, associate).
  1. Equality and Diversity monitoring form (available from the NewBridge website).

Deadline: Thursday 27 August, 12 noon


We want The Collective Studio to be open and accessible to everybody, and as such are offering a number of bursaries for free membership to support people who would otherwise be unable to participate.

We are offering 2 x Associate Membership bursaries and 2 x Hot-desk bursaries for Collective Studio membership for those who face barriers associated with race, disability, age, gender identity, sexuality and/or class.

Additionally, we will offer 1 x Studio Membership bursary for an individual studio space for a disabled emerging artist, as we recognise that the cost of a studio in addition to access costs may be a barrier for some to participate.

Please state in your application if you would like to be considered for one of these bursaries, and under what circumstances.


Open days

If you’d like to visit NewBridge, look around, chat to staff members & find out more about the Collective Studio, please drop in to one of our open days:

Additional information

Please note we are planning for several eventualities in relation to the global pandemic which will evolve in relation to guidance on social distancing etc. Please get in touch with any questions.

The NewBridge Project: Gateshead, 232-240 High Street, Gateshead 

Please contact Dan Russell, Artist Development Programmer on if you have any questions about The Collective Studio, the application process or would like to chat more about the opportunity to see if it is right for you.