The Cultural Response to Covid-19

Common Vision have this week shared a report – ‘Creativity, Culture and Connection’ – formed from their research project which examined responses from arts and culture organisations in the COVID-19 crisis. We were glad to take part, and add our experience and insights, and we hope the report will be useful to others in the coming months.

>> Read the full report here <<

Caroline Macfarland, the Director of Common Vision says: “The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated vulnerabilities and entrenched existing fault lines across society. It is our belief at Common Vision that any positive recovery from the crisis, across any sector, will need to be grounded in a detailed understanding of what systems, institutions, and
relationships served us and our communities well in the initial months of the pandemic.

For the arts and cultural sector, these initial months have been a time of deep instability and uncertainty, but also a time for collaboration, strategic thinking, and resetting values and priorities. Through interviews and focus groups we spoke to over 100 cultural practitioners around the UK to understand how the COVID-19 context has affected their work and future plans.”



Common Vision is a think tank working to change the narrative around our shared future. They use the power of positive ideas to detoxify angry, binary debates and unite people around long-term intergenerational goals. They aim to revitalise public diplomacy by championing deliberative dialogue and encouraging established and new leaders to work together to turn collective social challenges into opportunities. This includes telling stories and building movements around communities of interest and place.

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