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Frequently Asked Job Questions

Posted: 26 November 2020

We still have three jobs open for applications – although not for too much longer! We have no more slots available for one-to-one chats about the Project Manager and Community Coordinator roles which close on Monday 30 November at 5pm. We have however gathered this list of questions that frequently came up, with generic answers to help any last minute applicants!

Could I do the job(s) remotely from outside the North East?
Unfortunately not. We can support some working from home, but (when it is safe to do so) we would require in-person working at our buildings in Newcastle and Gateshead.

If I’m applying for both part-time roles (Project Manager and Community Coordinator), can I just submit one application?
Yes you can – we would suggest submitting one longer statement (up to 3 pages, or up to 8 mins of audio/video) which covers both individual roles and their common elements. Please specify whether you would be happy to be considered for each individual role separately, or whether you would only be able to take it on if it was one full-time role.

Will the NewBridge team be working remotely from home in the new year?
We will be following the latest government guidelines on working from home. At the minute we are working at home, have a daily zoom check in, and do weekly building-checks. We will continue to open our building and exhibitions when it is advisable and safe to do so, and staff will work on site when that is the case.

Will I need my own laptop to do the job(s)?
We will provide a work computer/laptop to use for the jobs, or you can use your own if you prefer.

Is there the opportunity for the Programme Coordinator role to be extended beyond the year?
As the position is a one year placement funded by the Weston Jerwood programme, we are unable to confirm whether an extension is possible at this time. We will make every effort to ensure that the candidate will have the best possible chance of continuing to work within the sector, whether at NewBridge or elsewhere.


If you have any other questions, please make sure to download and read the job pack for the role thoroughly as they may be answered there. These can be found on the individual job adverts in our News section.

We may still be able to offer a short chat about the Programme Coordinator role which closes on Monday 7 December at 5pm. Please get in touch as soon as possible on if you would like to arrange a zoom or phone call.