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Get On the Map

Posted: 25 Nov 2019


The NewBridge Project and the Solidarity Economy Association have been collaborating to create a useful tool that can make visible and strengthen all of the organisations, projects, initiatives and individuals in the region who are offering an alternative to the extractive and oppressive mainstream economic system.

In short, we’re creating a map of everything that is helping people to meet their material and social needs in ways that don’t harm people or the planet, and in ways that are contributing to building a more just and sustainable world. Around the world, this type of activity is known as the solidarity economy. We believe that the first step to strengthening our solidarity economy is to help people understand it better and to help those working within it to support each other. We’re collecting information (data) from grassroots organisations, informal meetings, neighbourhood projects, local community groups, co-ops, and associations that share the values of the solidarity economy and using it to create a digital map and directory.

With the map now launched we are asking for people to get on the on the Map!

Please spread the word about the work we are doing, and in particular, invite any initiatives you feel should be represented on the map. It’s very easy to get involved, and you can get on the map by completing this short Survey (it will take 5-10 minutes to complete!) telling us some information about what you do.

Or if you would like to have a chat, please call us on +44 (0)191 477 1884 or email Niomi Fairweather.

Be sure to look out for further activity and projects supporting the map and For Solidarity here at The NewBridge Project website.