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Group Show Series 2 is here!

Posted: 26 Apr 2019

Group Show Series 2 is here!!

Group Show is an art podcast series covering topics like work, collaboration and criticism produced by artist and curator Caitlin Merrett King. Series 2 Episode 1 launches on Friday 26 May 2019, with new episodes released every Friday!

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Series One was conceived of as part of 12o’s S/S17 curatorial residency as an exploration into expanded curatorial practice. Each episode includes a mixture of interviews, sound commissions and regular features covering artist-led activity around the UK.

Series Two was produced at The NewBridge Project as part of our Practice makes Practice residency in March 2019, and features music, sound pieces and interviews from studio and associate NBP members.

Throughout March Caitlin worked closely with NewBridge studio and associate members to record the podcast, exploring methods of collaboration, the political nature of working with friends, friendship as emotional and feminised labour, and how we exercise care and love within art practice. The podcast acts as an informal archive that will aim to be a useful tool for experimenting for NewBridge at that time and in the future. Caitlin was interested in giving voice to the inner workings of NewBridge, friendships and current collaborations, with a view to developing new ones, and discussing how the organisation is currently working together.

The podcast launches on Friday 26 May with an event, Unintimacy, a night of performance, film and music which has been co-produced by various artist through collaboration, co-curated by artists Caitlin Merrett King and Grace Denton.


Image Credit: Group Show, 12ø, 2017 (Design: Eva Duerden)