How are you holding up?

Posted: 11 June 2020

How are you holding up, during this weird moment?

What are you doing to keep yourself happy?

Have you developed a new hobby, prompt, habit or routine?

How are you taking care of yourself and those around (or distant from) you?

To prepare for her contribution to our upcoming Digital Commissions series, Rebecca Jackson would like to have some conversations with people about how you have been responding to the weirdness of life at the moment. This could include, but isn’t limited to:

Being creative with whatever is at hand
Reconnecting with playfulness
Avoiding stress

Rebecca would like to invite you to have a Zoom or phone chat one evening or weekend to discuss these things as she builds up a collection of prompts and ideas for other people to download, borrow and use.

Please contact Dan Russell on to express your interest in being part of these conversations.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Jackson

The NewBridge Project will be launching our new website very soon, which has been developed with assistance from Supanaught, Keano Anton and RTC North. Earlier this year we commissioned a series of digital commissions to celebrate this launch.

The commissions will include:

Lady Kitt – an animation about socially engaged walking and talking methodologies

Imo Jeffes – a video about the paradox of days off

Uma Breakdown – a toolkit to introduce artists to Role Playing Game techniques

Rosie O’Grady – autofiction on studio routine, lucid dreaming, distinguishing what is ‘real’ and what is not

Rebecca Jackson – a set of prompts and ideas for staying buoyant

gobscure – an audio piece from conversations with untaught/self-taught artists