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NEWBRIDGE OFF-SITE // Call for 2015 Programme

Posted: 20 Aug 2014

NEWBRIDGE OFF-SITE // Call for 2015 Programme 

“If it ever happened, it could be like this”

NewBridge Off-Site is a mobile pod presenting a series of nomadic participatory projects, designed to “pop-up” and “open-out” in diverse locations to create new spaces for critical thinking and exchange.

During 2015 NewBridge Off-Site will provide an interactive platform for interdisciplinary participatory projects exploring or responding to the theme “if it ever happened, it could be like this”.  The 2015 programme will consist of up to 4 projects between April and September, each project lasting up to 2 weeks.

The pod can be used as a way of creating interventions in diverse spaces across the North East.  Potential sites include locations across Northumberland and Newcastle and Gateshead city centres.  We are currently developing relationships with partnering institutions to host NewBridge Off-Site.  Examples of interested partners for consideration in developing your proposal include local festivals, St Dominic’s Church garden, The Toffee Factory and Berwick.  Proposals for other sites are also encouraged.

Deadline for applications: 1st Oct 2014.  For full details and information about how to apply, please download our Call for 2015 Programme (PDF: 38KB)