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Workshop poster featuring writing in pink, green, yellow and black writing typed over a mono print. The mono print is black ink on white paper and is of 3 abstracted faces in a row. The writing repeats the words ‘rest', ‘pinning' and ‘loneliness' in lines over the print.

Open Call for Workshop Participants

Posted: 28 April 2021

Alongside the launch of our new exhibition Slow Breath, artist Meera Shakti Osborne will be delivering a series of three workshops on the theme of Rest, Pining and Loneliness.

Participants will be invited to spend time with a collection of sources (images, texts and artworks), pulled together by Meera to explore each title. The workshop themes have been developed in response to a new film produced by artist Camara Taylor, which will be exhibited throughout May – June 2021 in The NewBridge : Gateshead gallery space.

The workshops will be discussion based and the participants will be invited to discuss their own experiences of Rest, Pining and Loneliness. The group will identify together where their experiences overlap or differ. Meera will guide the workshops drawing upon their artistic practice which uses sound, breathing and talking. Meera and the participants will collect sounds from the online sessions and afterwards, will have the opportunity to play the sounds together within the exhibition space. 

What does Rest sound like to you?
If Pining was a texture, what would it be?
If Loneliness made sound, what would we hear? 

Prior to the workshops each participant will receive a work pamphlet and care package to help support them through each session.

Dates and Location

Workshop 1: Wednesday 19th May (5 – 6.30pm)
Workshop 2:  Wednesday 2nd June (5 – 6.30pm)
Workshop 3: Wednesday 16th June (5 – 6.30pm)

The group will meet three times online via Zoom – this will be a closed online space for participants and a personal invitation will be shared with you ahead of each session. We will have a final meet up at the gallery, this will be an opportunity to meet each other and share the reflections from the workshop and visit the Slow Breath exhibition at Gateshead. If you have any questions or need any support accessing Zoom, please get in touch with us at

How to apply to be a participant

This open call has been commissioned to specifically support people aged 16+ who are based across Newcastle upon Tyne — you do not need to have any formal arts training or arts practice to be part of this project. We encourage applications from all backgrounds, communities and industries.

With a limited number of spaces available, this opportunity will prioritise individuals from a socio-economic background currently underrepresented in the arts – by that we mean you must be from a working class, low-income background and people who identify as black, or a person of colour.

Participants will be selected on a first come first served basis, so to get involved please email your interest to

Alternatively, if you have any questions about eligibility or access, please don’t hesitate to get in contact at the email address included above. Due to the pandemic our phones aren’t always being manned so email is the best way to get in touch.

Meera Shakti Osborne

Meera Shakti Osborne is an artist and community organiser from London. Meera’s work focuses on collective healing through creative self-expression. They work primarily with young people, individuals on lower-income and who are unemployed, LGBTQ+ folk and BPOC. Meera is interested in the use of art as a tool to create historical documents that represent feelings and the inbetween stuff that often gets left out of history making. They work in sound, oil paint, textile, breathing, talking and dancing.