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*OPPORTUNITY: Doremifasolasido 2017 (Group Residency) at The Coniston Institute and Grizedale Arts

Posted: 3 May 2017



Doremifasolasido 2017
Group Residency with The Coniston Institute and Grizedale Arts, Coniston, Cumbria, UK
Residency: 9-15 October 2017 (Open Day 14 Oct)

Deadline for Applications: Monday 22 May, 12 noon


‘Doremifasolasido’ is an annual group residency that invites emerging artists from around the country to Cumbria to forge links between artists and arts organisations working in urban and rural settings. Now in its third year, previous residencies have taken place at The Merz Barn, the site of Kurt Schwitters’ last Merz Bau, in Elterwater; and Florence Arts Centre, the site of the disused haematite mine, Florence Mine, in Egremont.

This year it will take place at The Coniston Institute, a community run village hall in the heart of Coniston, with the support of Grizedale Arts.

This year we are inviting two artist/studio members from The NewBridge Project to join participating artists nominated by partner organisations from around the country: ACAVA (London), C-Art/Eden Arts (Cumbria), East Street Arts (Leeds), Grizedale Arts (Cumbria) & Islington Mill (Manchester). Please refer to the organisation in your area for details on how to apply and application deadline.

Click here for more information on past residencies


Over 7-days artists will live and work together, responding to the unique site of The Coniston Institute, with its rich history in the Arts & Crafts movement, and home to both The Ruskin Museum and an annex of Grizedale Arts. During the week artists will join the local community in events, e.g. Village Lunch, and discussions with arts initiatives working in rural Cumbria. There will be local tours and access to The Ruskin Museum collection. The week will culminate in a public open day to include an exhibition of art work created over the residency, a programme of artist-led walking tours, performances and artist film screenings.

There is no theme per se, the emphasis is on experimenting, progressing and expanding your artistic practice – in whatever form that takes – with the time, space and critical engagement that will allow for this. You will join a supportive community of artists, staff, visitors and users of the The Coniston Institute, Grizedale Arts, The Ruskin Museum and ‘Doremifasolasido’ organisers with an affinity to not only develop a more critical, broader and rigorous investigation of the concerns that underpin the artistic process but to consider their placement within a much wider conversation.


Application Deadline: 22 May 2017
Residency Period: 9 – 15 October 2017
Open Day: 14 October 2017


Artists will be provided with the following:

  • food (communal)
  • accommodation (shared)
  • travel to and from Coniston
  • a small stipend for materials (£350)
  • free access to all events and facilities throughout the residency week.
  • Technical assistance from ‘Doremifasolasido’ staff.


This year the participating artists will be selected by partners, ACAVA (London), C-Art (Cumbria), East Street Arts (Leeds), Grizedale Arts (Cumbria), Islington Mill (Manchester) and East Street Arts (Leeds). Applications are encouraged from emerging artists (artists who have not previously had a solo exhibition in a major institution) whose practices would benefit from a week-long intensive residency at The Coniston Institute.

Artists must have an interest in:

  • living and working communally
  • a short (week-long) intensive residency
  • engaging with members of the public on their artistic processes throughout the residency

How to apply

Please send a brief paragraph detailing why you would like to undertake this residency and how it would benefit your practice to Clare at

Please note you must be an Artist Member of Studio Member of The NewBridge Project to apply for this opportunity. For details about our membership and it’s benefits please visit our Practice Makes Practice page.

Deadline: Monday 22 May


Doremifasolasido Residency is supported by Arts Council England, and in partnership with ACAVA, C-Art, Eden Arts, East Street Arts, Grizedale Arts, Islington Mill, East Street Arts and The NewBridge Project

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Practice makes Practice is a regular programme of events, workshops, opportunities, talks, field-trips, exchanges and mentoring, creating a forum for shared learning, critical conversation, space for networks to cultivate and alternative models of practice to develop.

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Image: Gold Flame/Green Flame, two-channel video by Esmeralda Valencia Lindström during the 2016 Doremifasolasido residency.