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Practice Makes Practice: welcome, gobscure!

Posted: 12 April 2022

We are excited to welcome gobscure as our Practice makes Practice resident for 2022! Their residency will unfold over 4 weeks, from the end of April through to July.

We’re excited to announce that gobscure has been selected as this year’s Practice makes Practice resident at The NewBridge Project. gobscure makes art – sound – performance as gobscure, and writes as burn. They have long worked with creative resistances: ‘small’ spaces where power tips. Their residency will introduce and expand on chokepoints: chokepoints are blockages that disrupt systems. This book is a key inspiration & there’s a podcast too.

The residency will take place over 4 weeks: the first at the end of April, the second week at the end of May, the third at the end of June and fourth in July. The first part of their residency will engage with and focus on staff and outsiders to NewBridge. gobscure will use publicly accessible spaces like the Shieldfield area surrounding NewBridge, the bookshop and the gallery for walking, rolling, strolling, eating together and asking questions.

Stay tuned to see what comes of the next few months and don’t forget to say hello to them if you see them around NewBridge…

from marty with love (part ii)

As part of gobscure’s Practice Makes Practice Residency, they are producing four short films, one for each week of their residency in collaboration with NewBridge staff and others around the building. Watch their first one here.

A conversation around a foraged ikebana focusing on some of the themes of gobscure’s Practice Makes Practice Residency, working with artist, Eddie Doyle and NewBridge’s Marketing Coordinator, Kitty McKay, to think about (anti)social media, slower paces, art worlds and acts of disruption.

Marty was gobscure’s best friend and lived in Shieldfield for decades until her death, age 82. from marty with love (part i) ikebana was part of gobscure’s nudging meteors, Arthouse, Wakefield.


Foraging and Ikebana by gobscure and Eddie Doyle

Video and subtitles by Kitty McKay

Small concrete vessel from Blackbird Studio

balancing worlds on a walking stick

A conversation between gobscure, Lindsay Nicholson and NewBridge’s Marketing Coordinator, Kitty, about worlds balancing on walking sticks, decorative spoon rests, Hello Kitty IUDs and the right to play.


Worlds balancing on a walking stick assembled by gobscure and Kitty McKay

Video and subtitles by Kitty McKay

Access support and paper ball throwing by Lindsay Nicholson

About gobscure

we write as burn, perform – exhibit internationally – make award-winning sound-art as gobscure, use plural as reflection on our broken-mind.  solo exhibitions internationally with Fokidos Athens; Alma Zevi Venice; University of Atypical Belfast; Arthouse Wakefield; The NewBridge Project Tyneside; Edinburgh Printmakers / Edinburgh Art Festival.  film commissions include Northern Broadsides, Graeae, Dash, Live Theatre, Spot On Lancashire, together 2020. Unlimited funded a new book of radical photographic self-portraiture ‘plant a forest after were gone’.  two Sound&Music awards, music theatre for GIFT festival and Sage Gateshead; literary fellow at Moniack Mhor – Scotlands new writing centre; Society of Authors award. solo theatre shows commissioned by Newcastle fringe festival; by MGC futures & Graeae bursaries; & toured thanks to Third Angel Mentoring Scheme / CPT seed fund, supported by ACE.

Find out more about gobscure on their website.

About Practice makes Practice

Practice makes Practice focuses on developing artistic talent and equipping individuals with the necessary skills to manage their artistic career, bridging the gap between art school, studio practice, the gallery and beyond. We do this through a regular programme of:

events / workshops / opportunities / talks / field-trips / exchanges / mentoring

Helping create a forum for shared learning, critical conversation, space for networks to cultivate and alternative models of practice to develop.

Practice makes Practice is programmed through suggestions from studio and associate members, ensuring what we do is artist-led and develops in response to the needs and interests of our members.

We are open to all suggestions, ideas, events, people, methods and opinions you would like to put forward to the Practice makes Practice programme. We can provide bursaries to invite artists, organisations and industry specialists to NewBridge.