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Slacks Radio Residency at the NEwBridge Project

Slack’s Radio – In Residency / Second Round

Posted: 10 January 2022

We are looking for people to get involved in the second round of residencies with Slack’s Radio. The Tyne and Wear’s weird radio will be back broadcasting live from The NewBridge Project gallery space as part of the Blazing New Worlds programme, from 26 – 28 January.

As part of Blazing New Worlds, we commissioned Slack’s founder Jon Cornbill to construct a radio booth that has been on display in the NewBridge gallery throughout the residency. This includes equipment that can host music, performance, spoken word and conversation. 

As with the ethos of Slack’s Radio we are looking for residents, members, individuals, and communities to get involved and to take over the programme. This is an opportunity to focus your creative energy on technical and artistic potentials of the radio medium, and to collaborate with different individuals. 

During the first round in October 2021, we had participants bringing poetry, music, live performances and interviews to the programme. We encourage you to get ambitious and explore sound as a format. No previous experience is required. 

When and How to Get Involved

The residency will be taking place on the following days in January: 

Wednesday 26, 3pm – 8pm

Thursday 27, 10am – 3pm

Friday 28, 6pm – 9pm 


We particularly encourage live broadcasting but you’re also welcome to send a pre-recorded file. We have equipment to support music, performance, spoken word and conversation. Slack’s Radio will be broadcasting from the gallery space throughout the residency. 

If you want to get involved or send any ideas, please email

Here’s the information that we need from you:

  • A short blurb about your idea
  • A short bio telling us a little bit about you
  • An image that you’d be happy for us to share on our social media
  • How many 30-minute slots you’d like to have
  • If you have any preference of any day/time or if there’s any day that you can’t do it
  • If you’re playing live or sending a pre-recorded file
  • If you have any accessibility requirements or need any support from us


As well as supporting live activity we can also support any pre-recorded content. If you’re sending a pre-recorded file, the best way to send this to us is via mp3 with a maximum size of 200mb. We will then filter this into the programme schedule alongside the other content. 

Come get weird, spin some tunes, and relax in the NewBridge gallery space through the residency. We would love to see you there!

Slack's Radio

Slack’s radio runs every weekend and started back in June 2021, it currently has over 100 residents who play everything from intercontinental new wave to soothing ambient rumbling dubstep. Slack’s was set up to help diverse art and music in the region, whilst building community and creating space for like-minded music lovers. 

For more information about Slack’s and how to support the radio, please visit their website at –