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Covid 19: Online Resources and Assistance

Published: 27 March 2020 Author: The NewBridge Project

In these disorienting times, we hope we can still offer a touchstone for advice and guidance, and continue our artist support and development work. In the recent days and weeks we have been keeping track of online content that might help, educate, entertain or distract from the crisis at hand.

Here are our findings. This page will be updated as we hear of more. If you’d like us to add something please email us.

Help & Resources


Helping Others / Solidarity

Find out how to volunteer for the NHS

Citylife Line – a new volunteer service for Newcastle City Council

Grainger Market Delivery Service – gets booked up quickly!

Slugtown are crowdfunding to fix up their new premises in Shieldfield, with some amazing artworks as rewards

Commercial Union House are crowdfunding to support their community of artist spaces

A lot of artists are taking part in the #artistsupportpledge – an initiative whereby artists promise to buy £200 of another artist’s work for every £1000 they sell themselves. Follow the hashtag on instagram to find others involved.

Donate to support Alphabetti Theatre

Crisis donations page

Donate to The Hygiene Bank to help provide nappies and other hygiene products

Art Online

NewBridge Members' Work

Creative Responses

Listening Material

Group Show is a podcast and now radio show developed by Caitlin Merrett King in residency at NewBridge

Laura Yuile records each episode of Asset Arrest during a viewing of a luxury property where she poses as a potential buyer

Alex Lockwood’s Shift & Signal podcast is a series of aural explorations of the urban space in Newcastle and Gateshead

Wysing Arts Centre Podcasts

Aesthetica’s pick of Art Podcasts

Spotify playlist of music to make art to by Foundation Press

NTS Radio’s music to relax to mixes

Live Streamed Gigs

Live Streamed Disco

The Late Junction has lots of great episodes online, we recommend Roy Claire Potter and Park Jiha’s session and Sonic Self Care

Furtherfield: A cultural discussion podcast grounded in news from where we are

Check out the new Star & Shadow Radio

To Watch

To Read / Learn

Music Therapy