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gosh this is hard

Published: 16 August 2020 Author: Sophie Taylor

NewBridge Books presents three new videos by Sophie Taylor, to mark the launch of her new zine gosh this is hard

gosh this is hard is a collection of visual poetry narrating the slapstick of early sobriety and a polite mental breakdown. Through inner monologues, weblish, and intimate screenshots, this new zine is designed to make you feel you have walked in on someone talking to themselves, and their dog.

To mark the launch of the zine, Sophie has produced three moving image versions of the text, which can be viewed below.


Sophie Taylor is a visual artist from Newcastle, UK who pursued a career in writing after studying video and sound design at the Royal College of Art. Moonlighting as an agony aunt for The Reader’s Digest and creating dialogue for AI character animations, her work moves between advice, lyric and script. Sophie has published various short poems through Lychee Zine, Yes Poetry and Gob Jaw Poetry. Sophie is also an Associate Member of The NewBridge Project.

Once we re-open, we will have Sophie’s new zine for sale at NewBridge Books. Until then you can find it at: TenderbooksGood PressShelf LifePeckham BooksGlasgow Zine LibraryBanner Repeater and Five Leaves