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Queer Quaranzine Readings

Published: 2 September 2020 Author: The Queer Dot

During lockdown, Dundee-based arts collective The Queer Dot put out an open call for contributions to a zine made in response to this challenging time. They received submissions from people relaying their lockdown experiences, and provided a sense of unity to combat the widespread isolation.

Topics covered in the zine include: virtual dates in Animal Crossing, Black Lives Matter, loneliness, the toilet paper shortage, rainbows to represent the NHS, growing plants, the state-sanctioned daily walk, and all the other ways the lockdown has impacted our lives.

You can buy the zine here

We were pleased to be able to assist them in creating this video, featuring performances and readings by contributors, including: Andrés N. OrdoricaAna HineJaime Aries, Lisa Jones, Mareth Burns, Robert Wylie, and with an introduction by Steven Sheath.

The zine cover, featured at the beginning of the video, was designed by Leah Cameron.