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A still from the video The Chain

The Chain

Published: 8 June 2021 Author: Amy Story, Lauren Matthews, Margaret Jennings, Jade Cooper, Oona Wilkinson, Charlie Dean, Dan Russell

The Chain is a collaborative video created by members of The Newbridge Project Collective Studio cohort 2020/2021.

Amy Story came up with the project idea as a way for studio members to work collaboratively but still in isolation from each other both geographically and due to COVID.

The Chain is based on the paper folding game Exquisite Corpse where one person draws a head and folds over the paper leaving a couple of lines of the neck visible for the next person to start drawing the body from, and so on until you reach the feet.

Each participant acted as a link in the chain and was given the last 10 seconds of the previous person’s video to respond to. Participants were asked to film 30 seconds of footage in-camera and to add no extra sound or video effects, so that the editing would effectively take place at the point of the decision made by each participant upon deciding what to film/how to respond.