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Crêpes Reloaded

Tue 16th February 2021 Online

Shrove Tuesday is upon us once again! And with it comes our recently established tradition of sharing food, discussion and critique.

Last Pancake Day we held Crêpes and Crits, an event at The NewBridge Project : Gateshead, where we enjoyed tasty crêpes made by NewBridge Member Will Stockwell, and had a chance to showcase and discuss eachother’s work.

This year, Will has adapted this for an online setting, and will present a Crêpe cook-along, sharing his tips for the perfect pancake.

As well as making and munching pancakes, you’ll have the chance to enter the Matrix during a short + sweet art activity!


🥞  Ingredients list:

Flour, milk, eggs and butter
(Or flour, plant milk, egg replacer and vegetable oil)

Sweet and savoury toppings of your choice like cheese, spinach, tomato, lemon, sugar, Nutella

Optional extras: a little buckwheat flour for an authentic savoury French pancake! Spices/herbs like chilli, nutmeg, thyme.

You can make the batter ahead if you like, with either of these recipes:



You’ll also need a pan, bowl, whisk, spatula, scales/measuring cup.


Everyone who books a ticket will receive a link to join the event via an email on the day.

The zoom lines will open at 6.15pm, for a prompt start at 6.30pm.