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Tax & Self-Assessment Workshop

Tue 19th January 2021 Online

Join us online for our annual session on navigating your HMRC tax return.

Certified Book-keeper Neisa Reid will lead a tidy taxes session ahead of the looming deadline for Self-Assessment Tax Returns. If you are self employed or thinking of registering as self-employed this is the session for you! Absolute beginners welcome, as are dab-hands as tax returns are a muscle that improve with annual flexing and there’s always something to brush up on.

There will be a presentation of top tips and some time for a Q+A as well. Feel free to send your questions in advance to admin@thenewbridgeproject.com

The Zoom link will be sent out before the event to those that have registered. The Zoom lines will open at 5:45pm for a soft-landing, the event proper will commence at 6pm sharp.

This event is programmed as part of Practice Makes Practice, an artist development programme run by artists for artists. Practice makes Practice focuses on developing artistic talent and equipping artists with the necessary skills to manage their practice, bridging the gap between art school, studio practice, the gallery and beyond.