Abigail Hampsey

  • Credit and Copyright ©: Colin Davison +44 (0)7850 609 340 colin@rosellastudios.com www.rosellastudios.com

Abi is a Fine Art graduate of Newcastle University, primarily a painter she also works with photography, Print Making and Drawing.

Originally from Lancaster Abi is interested in the immateriality off oil paint, the variety of textures it can create and how it can be manipulated. Abi uses saturated colour and extensive layering to create bright, familiar, yet often unsettling images. Favouring colours that denote liminal states, Abi position the viewer as a spectator, questioning what is invented, remembered or imagined. Her fascination with the space between the factual and mythical inform her practice. Aiming to explore the relationship between her own experiences, other people’s tales and archetypal stories.


The Newbridge Project