Adam Goodwin

Adam Goodwin is the co-founder and director of The Occasion Collective (TOC) who hosted multiple large scale events and festivals across the North East in collaboration with The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts, The Mining Institute, Gateshead Old Town Hall, The Stephenson Works, The Star and Shadow Cinema, Unstapled press and Breeze Creatives. Goodwin’s practice is fundamentally involved with digital media and video, performance, sound, text and installation, often working collaboratively with practitioners specialising in music, dance and writing. Goodwin’s process for obtaining source material often utilises circuit bending, data corruption, visual feedback, live video projection and various other means with inlayed text. The text often stems from interviews or archival material. Hoarding plays a large role in Goodwin’s practice, obtaining objects and equipment relevant to the historical or conceptual basis of the projects. These objects and systems appear in his installations often evoking an industrial aesthetic.
Jumbo Pack, Newbridge Project, Annex Space
Various Stains, 36 Lime Street
Static Attic, System Gallery, The Late Shows
Cooking With Faye, Culture Lab
Square One, North Wing
Producer of Babble at the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Arts
Archival Project to accompany Ghosting The Periphery, Hatton Gallery
Director of Occasion Festival, held at Gateshead Old Town Hall, The Mining Institute and The Stephenson Works
Co-Founder, Producer and Director of Occasion Events

The Newbridge Project