Alaena Turner

  • A.P.T Gallery Ingredients, Method, Serving Suggestion

  • A.P.T Gallery Ingredients, Method, Serving Suggestion

My background is in painting, and I am especially interested in the emergence of geometric abstraction in early 20th century and avant-garde debates concerning the integration of art and everyday life.

My current research extends into neo-avant-garde experimentation through a study of the use of instructions and collaborative activity. This has involved developing new strategies of re-materialising conceptual artworks, and led to my practice extending into video and sculptural form. For example, in 2016 I invited multiple artists to realise the Yoko Ono score ‘Time Painting’, and I collaborated with Bruce McLean to re-stage his 1969 work ‘Underwater Watercolour’, transforming a black and white photograph into a short colour video. I have also re-designed a portable kitchen unit (based on Jo Colombo’s 1960s ‘Kitchen Box’) which is used to host interactive material demonstrations.

My concern with models of co-production is informed by my involvement with the artist collective ‘Common Study’ based at Somerset house, London. We aim to share our research and initiate discussions surrounding art, politics and education. This involves devising arts workshops for the general public and extends my previous experience in arts facilitation (for example, ‘Dinner with Picasso’, 2012-14, a series of workshops exploring the relationship of art and cooking).

My studio work brings together my interests in painting and re-enactment. I am currently producing a series of wall-based compositions based on photographs taken by Harry Holtzman of Piet Mondrian’s last studio in New York. This documentation shows the way that Mondrian explored the principles of painting in 3D space by placing coloured rectangles within his live/work space as a form of open composition. My aim is to animate these photographs as an active composition, which can be edited and re-ordered. This new work will be presented to the public at Turner Contemporary, Margate, in Oct 2018.

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