Alice Highet

My practice explores time and slowness. I project video and sound onto sculptural environments, of varying scales, to create immersive, multi-sensory, slow-time experiences for the viewer. Pervasive, fast-time modes of interaction and perception in contemporary society, experienced as a result of technology use and capitalism can have negative environmental and spiritual implications. Slow-art can act to resists fast-time.

I use my smart-phone, subverting fast-media, to capture everyday temporal shifts induced by physical phenomena such as shadows, water and light or changes in ambience. Layering and collage approaches mix analogue techniques: camerless film, animation, handmade filters and experimental musical instruments with digital footage and sound; combining embodied practice and technological innovation. Meditative and open to interpretation, my work elevates the everyday by reducing natural environments, domestic interiors and the body to the abstract. Psychological interior and exterior worlds or subject and object, are blurred, altering the sense of time.

MA Visual Art and Culture, Durham University – Distinction

LUX moving image critical forum, Tyneside Cinema – member

Hands on Film lab, Newcastle – member

The Collective Studio, The NewBridge Project – 2018-19 cohort

Institute of Physics funded project – Playing with Time – 2018

The Newbridge Project