Andrew Wilson

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Andrew Wilson is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, a studio holder at The NewBridge Project, and an active member of The NewBridge Project Programming Committee.

Discontented with any habitual expectations of artist as sole producer of autonomous objects as art Andrew actively seeks out alternative modes of productivity and presentation, and works both independently and in collaboration with a variety of individuals, groups and organisations. Andrew works regularly with artist Toby Lloyd, as Lloyd-Wilson, has worked with Allenheads Contemporary Arts on numerous projects, is a regular volunteer at The Star and Shadow Cinema and works with a number of organisations who support creative opportunities for those who experience forms of social exclusion.
Brief Bio
Educated by a Catholic nun at primary level Andrew had, soon after abandoned his monotheist religious aspirations and turned his attention toward experience and culturally inherited or imagined concepts.  Born in the North, embodying its history and loyalty, yet educated in the South, adopting both its tongue and posture, Andrew considers himself a mongrel in origin. This geographic and dialectic dilemma steers the starting point and curiosity in opposites, contrasts and their inadvertent or choreographed interactions.

Andrew Studied at Newcastle University between 2004-08, obtaining a BAhons in Fine Art.
An enquiry into the norm

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