Christian Mieves

Christian Mieves is painter and Senior Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. He holds a PhD in Fine Art (2009) and an MFA (2005) from Newcastle University (UK), both funded by the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council). He has presented research papers at international conferences and symposia, as well as co-organised the international conferencesRevisiting the Beach (Newcastle University, July 2009) and Working Wonder(Newcastle University, June 2013).

Artist Statement:

In his work Christian Mieves has examined the site of the beach as a threshold which not only explores the transgression of two entities but which often eschews Western thought. The liminal site of the beach becomes here a metaphor for a semantically uncertain field, associated with a kind of Arcadia and, the other side of the same coin, Modernity. His paintings deal often with a certain ambiguity in its representation which does not allow a clear categorisation.

In his current work he focuses on the idea of erosion more broadly, extending the scope onto city environs and found, arbitrary objects. This allows him to explore the conceptual resonances of some of his earlier work and to develop a new trajectory for his artistic practice. For the purposes of this project, erosion is defined as that set of processes by which surfaces are worn, thinned or marked. It will be observed both on a formal ‘painterly’ level (the breaking up of the image surface), and more broadly in the decaying or disappearance of the object.

The Newbridge Project