Freya Dooley

Freya works with writing, moving image, sound and performance. Her practice combines literary and pop culture references and humour to create fragmented monologues, dialogues, soundtracks and auto/biographical semi-fictions. Her work frequently refers or returns to anxious states of desire, embarrassment, panic, control and repetition; towards an articulation of the inside turned out. She is interested in the voice as something in-between: internal and external, sound and language, thought and body. Her current research explores the live and recorded voice and de-centralised, intertwining narratives.

She also has a collaborative practice with Cinzia Mutigli. Since 2013, their practice has encompassed performance, broadcast and publication works which combine real events and imagined fictions: constructing characters and embellishing themselves. Their recent performance work ‘Being Sharon’ explores the flattened politics of soap operas and how snobbery, guilt and pleasure nestle alongside each other.

The Newbridge Project