Grace Denton

I am an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, working across performance,language,video and installation.My work often uses absurdity, slapstick,staged scenarios and accepted performance tropesto explore personal façade,the imposter syndrome and attempts towards collective understanding.I come from a background in English Literature and DIY music,deciding later in life to self-educate in contemporary art by immersing myself in the artist community in Bristol. I became a Spike Island Associate in 2011, and gradually built and refined my practice over time, beginning my MFA in 2015. The two yearsI have spent in the North East have been invaluable in furthering my knowledge and experience, and affirmed my decision to base myself here for the foreseeable future. Over the course of the MFA I have mostly used my own body as a kind of material for exploring my ideas, but recently I have begun to break out from this and bring other people into my work as actors/participants. I have also started to work more sculpturally, to adapt at gallery space using hanging forms that confront and manipulate the viewer.I am intrigued to follow these two strands of my practice, and see how they can feed into one another.

The Newbridge Project