Helen Shaddock

My  work  alludes  to  the  complex  struggle  to  achieve  a  level  of  equilibrium  and  balance  in present-day society. It is rooted in contemporary  experience in  both an emotional (feelings and  thoughts)  and  physical  (materials  and  situations) sense.    I  enjoy  embracing  a  diverse range  of  processes,  techniques  and  materials.  This  variety  maintains  my  engagement  in  an intuitive  process  of  discovery  and  playful  investigation of stuff;  acts of  transformation whereby   found   materials   are   appropriated, re-appointed   with   new   purposes,   and sometimes  combined  with  wholly  handmade  elements.  This  can  also  include  working  in response to found sites or situations, be that within a gallery-based or a non-art context. Vital questions, collisions and challenges within the work are: the potential of contradiction in which, for example, repulsion and attraction can co-exist; the transformative process; the notion  of  play;  the  inclusion  of  pre-existing  and  unfamiliar  objects;  the  role  of  colour  and variations  of  scale. Formal  qualities  such  as  balance,  composition  and  rhythm  help  to  form connections and conversations between individual works within the space they inhabit.


The Newbridge Project