Jenny Alderson

Creating spaces has become the main focus of my practice, which is concerned with the inherent qualities of materials, namely their surface texture, the way in which they hold colour, and the connotations which they possess. Through my work I like to create objects and spaces which are at once familiar and strange ??? often using fairly everyday or DIY materials in a slightly perverse way, perhaps combining those that shouldn’t really go together, forcing them into a sort of harmony, while abstracting them from their usual environment. My work has gradually developed from an interest in (and often criticism of) colour theory and minimalism; beginning with stripped back works of, and about, colour and colour combinations, and gradually gaining more focus on the materials used to hold these colours and the spacein which they sit. My latest works have become almost architectonic, undeniably interested in architecture and interior space, and have consisted of various types of barriers, almost walls ??? being just enough of an intervention in the space to stop the path of movement and divert the body in another direction, while not quite reaching the extremities of the space like a wall would ??? the floor, ceiling or other walls. Some of these hanging elements I think of as curtains; hanging fabric barriers. The use of curtains to divide spaces is something that has influenced much of the recent work; the interest in a subtle suggestion of a wall, and what it takes to divide a space or create a new space. Subsequently the movement through a space and the presence of the body in a space have become important too. Colour is still a key focus, but my interest mainly lies in the movement through colours and the changes between them, often making works which are coloured differently on each side, so that the work changes as the viewer moves around it; activating it through movement. Activation is something I have explored a lot in the last year, with one experimental piece involving a performed activation in which I used the opening and closing action of a horizontal blind, with coloured tape on one side, to activate the piece. This is something I would like to explore further, perhaps with the inclusion of costume, incorporating the body further into the installation.

The Newbridge Project