Joel Chan

My practice is an investigation of portraiture and self-portraiture, narration and documentary, the authentic and the imaginary, and the boundaries between fictions and realities. It is through practicing that I attempt to locate myself in the world, within the power structures that exist around me, and between the fictions and
realities in life. I use everyday objects and images, employing their histories and their sense of authenticity in the everyday to create a fiction that aims to reveal something of reality. Drawing material from lived experiences, found photographs, collected charity-shop hauls, and stories stolen from eavesdropped conversations on the train and at the bus stop, the work has a foundation that is taken from my being in the world- a foundation of real objects, real stories, and real artefacts, that are manipulated, tainted, altered, and hacked.

Selected Exhibitions: The International Art Casting Conference, Gdansk Academy of Fine Art (2017); Politickle Action/ GIF it a rest mate, StudioRCA, Riverlight Quay, London (2017); In Play of Overwhelming Forces [Event], Camden Art Centre, London Stick or Twist, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2017); Cabaret Melancholique, Peckham Liberal Club, London (2016); RE|CREATION, View Two Gallery, Liverpool (2016); Passport to Paris [Joel Chan and Matt Hilvers], Cité Internationale Des Arts, Paris (2016); Dialogues on the Threshold, St Pancreas Crypt Gallery, London (2016); Come All Ye Chameleons [Of The Cosmos… It Is Time], Penthouse Projects Peckham (2016); Life, The Ashton Memorial, Williamson Park, Lancaster (2014)

The Newbridge Project