Julia Heslop

Julia Heslop is an artist who works mainly in sculpture and installation. Her work could be said to sit in the space between art and architecture. Not content with the confines of the gallery space her most recent work can be found in the outdoors; in spaces of social interaction.

She is interested in how urban space and architecture affect how people interact in a social sense, and her work questions how we produce and maintain social spaces in an age of hyper-capitalism.

Much of Julia’s previous work has stemmed from research into post-socialist geographies in Albania, Russia and Belarus. She is interested in how people deal with the physical remnants of Communism but also how the urban landscape changes with the politics of the day.

More recently her artwork and research has focused on alternative methods of housing in an austerity context; attempting to find solutions to the shortfalls of capitalist planning systems.  This concept forms the basis of her PhD in Human Geography.


The Newbridge Project