KA Bird

My practice is a both response to and a product of the contemporary culture of image circulation. I have been developing a process of mark-making using a browser-based CPPN and image editing software.  Digitally generated and born from the internet,the graphics have an inherently immaterial provenance, I then iterate the saved files as tangible objects in vinyl decal to create large wall installations, built up of sweeping computational strokes and gestures.  Creating the cut-outs I always consider the platform for the documentation as the work exists on the internet and in physical space but both are equal assertions of the art, each moves between the material/immaterial, thereby investigating the potential for multiple and simultaneous instantiations of a piece of work.  Each piece relays back and forth across on and offline spaces, becoming imbued with the residue of each new location as it migrates across platforms, which informs and progresses the on-going project.


The Newbridge Project