Kay Donnelly

Kay, b. 1987, is a multidisciplinary artist working within photography, digital image and creative production based in the UK. Kay’s background spans filmmaking, photography and community arts projects within the UK and internationally; she has completed her Masters in Photography and was acting Producer on a short film in an independent project launched and led by Lord David Puttnam. Both were completed in 2018. Completing her BA Honours in Fine Art in 2013, studying in both Newcastle and Groningen, Holland, Kay then travelled extensively on her own, undertaking personal photographic projects across America, Mexico, Iceland and Australia in independent trips. During this time Kay worked freelance in photography and in film production before starting her Masters in October 2017.
Gender, identity and spatial connections are themes which have always woven through Kay’s work, either photographically, sculpturally or performative; they continue to fascinate Kay and drive her practice forward in her current projects. Coming from a fine art degree and a film making background, Kay is interested in pushing the boundaries of the photographic, and exploring news ways of image making to explore current issues.


The Newbridge Project