Kuba Ryniewicz

  • Tulip, 2015

Kuba Ryniewicz is a freelance photographer, curator and researcher based in the North East of England. He is interested in the relation between art and nature in diverse historic and sociocultural settings.
During his first visit to India in 2008, he visited a number of traditional photo studios to investigate how popular photography affects daily lives in Indian society, from pop star portraiture to the tradition of photo exchange in the arranged engagement and marriage process.

In 2012 Kuba was selected for the artist in residency programme at 1 Shanti Road Gallery in India. During that period he developed an interest in mutations in photo-studios, which include the moment of digitalisation and changes from traditional backdrops into the digital imaginary.  Research undertaken in this period informed Kuba’s photographic work exhibited in Precious Little Diamond, an exhibition which he also curated, commissioned by NEPN for The Social in 2013.

In 2015 Kuba has been commissioned by NEPN to design a portable photo studio in the city centre of Sunderland. After the success of the project he continues few other related to the theme of mutations in the traditional studios creative initiatives alongside his freelance photo practice.

Kuba is also Creative Producer of the NewBridge Bookshop where he develops his interest in print culture and contemporary photography.


The Newbridge Project