Michael Potts

My practice is a simple one that seeks to do two things: firstly, an auto-ethnographic vision of specific situations and experiences, and secondly, as an attempt to deconstruct images and meanings. Liminality, culture/s, and the marginalised and forgotten, reflected in found objects, overlooked and repurposed environmental, social, and psychological space together with the changing understanding and experience of them is my focus. My growing passion is the mix of low-grade digital cameras and a return to film. These common strands of the democratising of technology and the use of old techniques in new ways is something I find interesting. I am trying to understand how to apply other technologies and science to the image in a way that mixes the cutting-edge and obsolete.

How image, sound, and movement can be used and expressed with a specific cultural and experiential setting is something I hope to be able to develop more as I go along.

The Newbridge Project