Poppy Whatmore

Poppy Whatmore explores materials approached, manipulated and exaggerated through the use of selected everyday environments.
By subverting and deconstructing the conventional uses of chosen objects, Poppy Whatmore at times transforms everyday objects into animated anthropomorphic or zoomorphic forms. Her methodological approach includes assemblage, a technique she employs to re-configure conventional forms into surprising and playful arrangements, portraying the flaws and failures of the human condition.

Whatmore appropriates DIY methods with an alternative slant using absurd mechanisms for fixings and means of assemblage, juxtaposing a constructive process against the means of taking things apart, namely the constructive antithesis, deconstruction. The building up of materials relates also to the Modernist modular additive approach to making, only each configuration has an absurdist and deadpan twist, which goes against a working system of easy ergonomics and activity.

By cutting things up and creating fractured parts of familiar objects, Whatmore displaces the viewer from the original sense of order and composition for objects. A language is created with damaged or broken objects that mark or demonstrate a suggested narrative. These narratives combine the documentation and re-framing of objects generated by, or in response to actual events, creating an orchestrated disorder which plays with the notion of conveyed meaning.

Through this work, Whatmore explores the relationship between the object and its documentation and investigates how the process of documentation can redefine the nature, experience and reading of an object.


The Newbridge Project