Rebecca Kibbler

I am an arts facilitator & creative and performing arts professional. I am a multi-skilled practitioner and my previous experience ranges from working extensively in production in television and theatre, and as a writer. Currently I work as a self employed community artist and creative workshop facilitator. I believe that art in all its forms should be available to all, and that everyone has the right to have access to the creative and performing arts. This philosophy very much informs my professional practice as a facilitator and it is my aim to make art accessible to all people as well as wider communities. It is my belief that art is an important tool, which can be used to encourage social as well as individual change. It can be used as a form of self expression, increase confidence and aid learning for those who struggle with more traditional methods of teaching. My aim as a facilitator is to help release the unique creative potential of workshop participants, and I have a relaxed, recreational and holistic approach to the way I use art in the community.

The Newbridge Project