Semay Wu

I am a multidisciplinary artist incorporating sound through performance (cellist), composition and installation work. As a freelance musician since 1998, my performance practice has evolved expansively through performing with bands and collectives, visual and performance artists, and collaborating with theatre/dance companies and individuals on pieces and practices. As a composer, I have worked with the above list for devised work, also as a musical director in some cases. From 2014, i broadened my work scope to engaging with DIY electronics, video art, choreography and sound art/installation work – effectively realising the possibility for solo projects through time and research, and ultimately seeing a more focussed and more satisfying approach to where my own work is actually headed. This part of my practice is fairly recent in its discovery and as yet needs more time and opportunity to research and produce quality work, although I have worked on recent projects that has allowed me to see the potentiality in future endeavours.

The Newbridge Project