Stephanie Gervais

My individual works and installations incorporate photography, sculpture, language, and sound to focus on social crises, violence, and spaces of cultural hybridity or in-betweenness. My practice encompasses community-based research and collaboration, academic research, and diverse practical techniques and media. My work with specific groups of people has evolved over time, and is an expression of my long-term personal relationships. I am interested in the relationships between media and supports; in deforming and transforming their boundaries and definitions. I use a large-format film camera to make photographs that are process-based and experimental, and have a relationship to material imprint as well as construction and chance. My photographic process is very deliberate, slow, and responsive to the environment. My experimental sculptures explore the relation of self and body and communal and political space, as garments, textiles, and architectures, while translating customs of closeness, celebration and invention. Living and working in Northern France over several years, my recent bodies of work have been focused on the violence of the border-landscape and its relationship to movement and securitization, and the unpredictable forms of community that emerge in liminal, displaced spaces. This work is inspired by journeys and stories of movement—in fact and in concept—as well as modes of being that overcome, transgress, or breach a world defined by violence, exclusion, and subjugation.

The Newbridge Project