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10 Together: Performances by Longva+Carpenter – Book – Dr. Laurel Jay Carpenter and Terese Longva


Artists / Authors / Contributors:

Artist-Editors: Dr. Laurel Jay Carpenter and Terese Longva

Contributors: Dr. Sandra Johnston, Rita Marhaug, Dr. Traci Kelly


PABlish Forlag, the imprint of Performance Art Bergen, Norway

Price: £20.00
Category: Books

150 Pages

An overview of collaborative practice in durational visual performance, 10 Together provides a chronology of L+C work (2010-2020) in city centers and small towns from the rural USA to islands in Norway, with stops between in Finland, Poland, Germany and Czechia. With crisp images and descriptions, the performances are made accessible to a public beyond the viewers at each site. The publication also contains reflective and academic writings by leaders in the international field of performance.


Performance Art / Time-based Art / Site-Specific Art / Collaboration


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