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Tea UniverseGiles Bailey  


Author: Giles Bailey

New Rituals by:

Catrin Huber, Helen Frankenberg, Holly Argent, Karen Russell, Leah Buehrmann, Megan John, Melanie Colbey, Mick Ashman, Nat Loftus, Neil Sabin, Rob Smith, Sarah Sutton, Sophie Buxton, Sue Spark, Susi Pethybridge, Guilia Ausenda-Stanford, Kirsty Rosenstock, Gen Mungo, Cindy Robinson-Begg, Giles Bailey, Abigail Fletcher and Molly Sale

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Domestic rituals / collective authorship / social practice / performance art

The rituals collected here were devised and written by participants in ArtHouses Home Actions in Whitley Bay in the North East of England.

These acts — involving gestures, words, or objects, performed according to a set sequence — were developed in workshops where we considered the rituals that are part of our daily lives and how they help us make meaning. In different ways, they explore how the home can become a site for rites of passage, dedications, oaths of allegiance or actions that neutralise anxiety.

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