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Colocation – Photo Book – Paul Dolan

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Dr Paul Dolan – Artist

Dr Mél Hogan -contributors

Dr Dustin Edwards – contributor

Zane Griffin Talley Cooper – contributor

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Category: Photo Books

Non Fiction / Photo Book

Photography / Data Centres / Environment / Critical Cloud Studies

Colocation is a photobook exploring data centres and energy infrastructure, with an accompanying text by Environmental Media Lab people Mél Hogan, Dustin Edwards, and Zane Griffin Talley Cooper, outlining an elemental approach to critical cloud studies (Earths, Water, Labour, Energy and Heat).

Data centres are as crucial to the maintenance of contemporary life as running water and energy. They process emails, websites, banking systems, healthcare databases, video streaming, SMS and must be powered 24/7 to maintain our lives led ‘on demand’. Data centres are incredibly hard places to gain access to, often removed from Google Maps, or listed with fake or approximate addresses to dissuade vistors. This series of images, shot at a geothermal power plant and unnamed data centers in the UK and Iceland aim to make visible the hidden spaces and infrastructure that enable the maintenance of our incessant digital lives.

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