New Landscapes Anthology – Lungs Project


Editors: Angela Burdon & Sheyda A. Khaymaz

Publisher: Lungs Project

Price: £12.99
Category: Books

148 pages, 2019.

This anthology brings together thirteen up-and-coming poets from around the world selected from an open call and edited by Sheyda and Angela from Lungs team.

New Landscapes tests the fluidity of contemporary poetry, while binding together a myriad of approaches and forms. Filtered through the lens of intersectionality, the book contains a distillation of our cumulative experiences as womxn of colour.

It touches upon almost everything pertaining to our human existence, from our given names, our colonised bodies, our faith, our hair, our bedrooms to our ancestors, our mother tongue, our dance, our dreams, our touch, our taste for tea, and so on. Inside this book, you will find works which embody radical honesty, tenderness, ancestral wisdom, and strength.

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